Multifaceted Energy Management

Zerowatt offers a well-rounded energy management solution beyond monitoring and alerts. From predictive maintenance and equipment benchmarking to corporate dashboards, our system provides a comprehensive approach to energy efficiency.

Historical and Live Energy Monitoring

Gain access to real-time and historical data on electricity consumption within any area of your facility. 

Informative Management Reports

Stay informed with daily and weekly overviews of your facility’s energy status, delivered directly to your WhatsApp or email.

Automatic Abnormality Detection​

Our advanced algorithms detect unusual energy usage, enabling you to receive immediate alerts.

Configurable Alerts System

Customize alerts based on your unique criteria on mobile and web platforms, giving you total control over your facility’s energy use.


Maximum Demand Optimization

Zerowatt evaluates peak demand periods within your facility, pinpointing strategies to curtail this peak demand. The result? A significant reduction in the fixed component of your electricity bill.


Starting Detection for Equipment

Zerowatt’s intuitive system automatically recognizes when critical equipment starts up. By monitoring these start-up instances, you can detect potential equipment issues early and ensure adherence to standard operating procedures, preserving the lifespan of crucial machinery.


Converse with Your Data

With Zerowatt, your facility’s energy data is just a message away. Pose intuitive queries directly through a WhatsApp chat, making the data interaction as easy as conversing with a friend.


Production-Based KPI Tracking

Whether it’s energy consumption relative to units produced in an industry or occupancy rates in a hotel, Zerowatt enables you to monitor energy metrics aligned with your specific production or service delivery. Benchmark and evaluate the energy needed for every unit of output or service, and compare your metrics with industry standards.


Global Equipment Benchmarking

Understand how your machinery measures up on a global scale. Zerowatt facilitates the comparison of your equipment’s performance against its global counterparts. It’s the definitive tool to gauge the success of your maintenance schedules and operational strategies, ensuring your equipment performs at its best.


This glimpse into Zerowatt’s capabilities represents just a fraction of what our system can offer. With several other features designed to optimize your energy consumption, Zerowatt is your key to transforming your business into an energy-intelligent enterprise. Join the energy intelligence revolution with Zerowatt today!