At the forefront of energy innovation, Alphageek proudly presents its flagship product, the Zerowatt Energy Intelligence System. But our vision doesn’t end here. We’re on a mission to redefine the energy landscape with a suite of cutting-edge solutions, paving the way for a sustainable future.



From Alphageek

Zerowatt Home

Bringing the power of energy intelligence to homeowners, ensuring optimized consumption even at the residential level.

Solar Installation Guide

We analyze your facility's energy consumption and provide insights on the ideal solar capacity that would offer maximum returns. Moreover, we connect you with reputable solar installation companies in your region.

Sustainable Energy Sourcing

For facilities equipped with Zerowatt, we can guide you on the right amount of sustainable energy to purchase externally, optimizing your overall electricity costs.

Equipment Efficiency Insights

Zerowatt doesn't just identify inefficiencies. It can highlight less efficient equipment within your infrastructure, suggesting superior alternatives to ensure optimal energy utilization.

Carbon Credit Facilitation

Transform your energy savings into measurable carbon credits, providing both environmental and financial incentives.

Zerowatt Smart Cloud Connect

A holistic IoT ecosystem tailor-made for contemporary commercial spaces, packed with advanced features.

Remote Energy Auditing with Zerowatt

Harness the expertise of industry veterans, offering remote energy audit services.

Zerowatt Single IoT for Smaller Establishments

An intuitive IoT solution paired with a dedicated mobile app, providing instant consumption insights.

What we stand for.

Empower consumers with data-driven insights, enabling informed decisions that optimize daily energy consumption, thereby diminishing our global carbon impact
Creating a sustainable future by significantly reducing domestic and commercial carbon footprints through the power of Energy Intelligence
Join us on this journey.
With Alphageek, you’re at the forefront of energy intelligence solutions, driving sustainability, and shaping a brighter future. Be part of this transformative journey